Hi, thank you for visiting my blog, since you clicked in this page, I suppose you may be wondering who I am or what my hopefully unequivocal blog aims for.

My name is Zachary Black and I was a liberal arts major, I graduated December 2019 with BAs in English and French. I started writing in high school, but since then my head is always filled with a copious amount of ideas; the hard part is making sure i get them down on paper or Word. It’s seldom that I’m unable to connect what I learned in undergrad to daily events of the world or my life. With this, the goal here started out about clearing up misconstrued ideas about what I studied, but now it’s about using what I studied to educate through valid claims and sources. Not sure what I mean? That’s okay because I’m still figuring that out too, one blog at a time.

Happy reading and thanks again!